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Thanks for visiting Meskel Musings!

To help you find your way around, here are brief descriptions of our four kinds of posts.  Click on the one you want in the “Visit our Posts” menu to the right of every page.  Or, you can also reach them via the drop-down menu for this “Welcome” page.

  • Marilyn’s “Slice of Life” Adventures–Humorous stories of the daily trials and victories of life in a new culture
  • Rich’s Meskel Musings–Reflections on faith, culture and people
  • Photo Galleries–See Ethiopia and its people through our camera lens (Hint: If you click any photo, it will expand them into a slide show of much LARGER photos!)
  • Lectures and Talks–A sampling of presentations Rich has given at EGST and other venues

We are always glad to hear your comments, and other readers will also.  Just click the “comment” form at the end of any Post and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Want to be notified whenever we add new posts? Use the easy email subscription form on any page.  You’ll get an email announcing every time we’ve added  something new to read.


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