The Hamburger Thief

Recently Rich and I were going to eat shepherd’s pie for dinner. The hamburger was slightly frozen and sitting in a plastic bag in a pan on the counter to thaw a bit more. Zufan, our houseworker, came to me a little later that morning and asked what I had done with the hamburger. I had no idea what she was talking about. What was clear was that the hamburger was gone.

The door to the kitchen had been standing open all morning and Zufan decided that a cat had come into the kitchen, jumped on the counter, found the hamburger and carried away the bag in its mouth. I was a bit skeptical. She was convinced. But she was right that someone or something had taken the hamburger.

The rest of the day Zufan was on a quest to find the cat, the hamburger, or both. Later that afternoon she came to me again and led me outside. She had heard something chewing and smacking its lips. On the other side of huge thorny bushes which line the outside of our yard, we could see a plastic bag with some hamburger still in it. She was insistent that we should retrieve the bag. She had a broom and stuck the handle through the bushes, trying to catch the bag and drag it. I was holding the branches of the bush so that she could reach it. After about 5 minutes, we had the hamburger in hand. Both of us were bleeding in several places from the 2” thorns on the bush, however.

Yesterday I saw the black and white cat which we think was the culprit hanging around the kitchen door. I yelled and chased it, but the cat moved away very reluctantly, yowling the entire time. No doubt expecting his share of our dinner again.


2 responses to “The Hamburger Thief

  1. 😃 Try eating the cat! 😍😍😍

  2. Sharan Butterfield

    One time several years ago, I was unloading groceries into the house and came back to the car and found our neighbor’s cat in a bag of groceries munching on a hamburger package. Guess cats are the same the world over!

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