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Uses of Philosophy for Theology

(Rich was invited by an EGST student teaching philosophy at the Assembly of God Bible College in Addis Ababa to give this guest lecture on December 16, 2010.)

I want to thank Tamrat for the invitation to be with you today, and for your welcome.  My wife and I have been in Ethiopia only four months—in fact, today Dec 16 is exactly our four month anniversary—we arrived on Aug 16.  In four months, most of what I have learned about your culture and your church is how much I don’t know!!  Continue reading


Theological Views of Corruption

(This lecture was given on November 16, 2010 to the Integration Seminar on “Corruption” held by the MA in Leadership and Management program at EGST.)

It’s good to begin at the very beginning, with the creation story in Genesis.  Especially important for our topic today is that human beings are created in the image of God to have “dominion” over the rest of creation.  Continue reading